Beaver County Brake Repair

Unlike many other auto repair shops or dealerships we offer a complete 24 month warranty on all parts and service.

Got a mushy brake pedal, squealing noise, shimmees & shakes?-Call us-Our facility performs high quality inspection and brake repair services at a fair price. For cars and trucks we provide brake inspection & replacement services for brakes, brake lines, rotors, calipers, brake pads (metallic, organic and ceramic).

Organic brake pads:

Pros: Organic brake pads are perfect where extremely smooth braking performance is desired and usually have no metal material.

Cons: Do to their softer material, organic pads wear faster and may not be suitable for all vehicles.

Ceramic brake pads:

Pros-Besides being quieter, ceramic brake pads are typically quieter and can handle extremely high temperatures with little fade, allowing them to recover quickly and cause less damage to the rotors. Also, when ceramic brake pads wear down, they create a finer, lighter dust than semi-metallic pads, and the dust doesn’t stick to wheels. Finally, studies have found that ceramic brake pads have a longer life span without ever sacrificing noise control, rotor life or braking performance.

Cons: typically more expensive than semi-metallic pads. Please note that some ceramic pads aren’t suitable for all vehicles.

Semi-metallic brake pads:

Pros: Metallic or semi-metallic brake pads are usually more reasonably prices and typically very durable.  Because they are composed mainly of metal combinations, they will not wear down quickly, and are slow to become too hot from friction.

Cons: Metallic brake pads tend to have squealing sounds that drivers frequently complain about as brakes are applied. This is usually caused by the metal of the pad grates against the metal of the brake rotor. Over time the rotor can become grooved or worn over time.

Serving Beaver County, Center, Moon and Aliquippa areas. Hineman’s Service Center has the ASE certified technicians to diagnose and repair all your Braking issues.

Air Conditioning
Got warm air-No Air? Hineman’s, has the expertise to diagnose and repair your AC issues.

Air Conditioning issues usually involve system leaks or compressor issues. Some of the signs of AC issues could include:

  • Warm Air
  • Weak Airflow
  • Odors in the AC unit.

These all could be caused, by leaky seals, compressor issues, cabin air filters, freon leaks, faulty hoses and more.

Bring your AC issues to Hineman’s where our ASE certified technicians can diagnose and repair all your AC issues.

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Hours for Roadside Service including towing are 7AM-10PM

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Hineman’s Service Center, Inc. an AAA Approved Auto Repair and Towing facility provides reliable and courteous service in Aliquippa, Beaver, Center Township, Hopewell, Monaca, Moon and throughout Beaver County PA.