Engine Diagnostics

Based in Aliquippa, Hineman’s Service Center has the ASE certified technicians to diagnose your Check Engine light and other Diagnostics alerts.

Engine Diagnostics: Got a dashboard light on?–Check engine, ABS Brakes etc.  The best thing to do is bring your vehicle in. Disregarding the signal could cause significant damage and additional costs to repair your vehicle.

Today’s vehicles come with an onboard computer diagnostic system. The diagnostic system monitors your vehicles engine and transmission as well as other major operating systems.

The diagnostic system was designed to adjust different parameters such as air/fuel mix and temperature to ensure your vehicle is operating at top efficiency with the lowest possible emissions. When these parameters get out of whack a check engine or other dashboard display is shown.


  1. Solid lit CHECK ENGINE LIGHT, is typically a less severe problem like sensor issues that cause emissions to increase and fuel economy to worsen. It can also be a sign of larger problems and should be checked as soon as possible.
  2. Flashing or illuminated Check Engine Light is typically a critical system error and requires immediate attention. A cylinder misfire for example, could cause expensive and costly repairs if you continue driving.

As a reminder in PA, you certainly cannot pass state mandated Emission/Smog inspection with your CHECK ENGINE LIGHT on.

Scheduled Maintenance

All cars have factory recommended maintenance schedules. In some situations not following the factory scheduled maintenance can void parts of your vehicle warranty.

Car or truck dependent, scheduled maintenance can include items as Oil and oil filter changes, Transmission fluid and filters, regular belts and Timing belts. Many cars/trucks recommend timing belt replacements at certain mileage intervals. While somewhat costly, these replacements at your manufacturer’s interval can save you from a major engine repair or replacement down the road.

Not sure what your vehicle needs, bring it in and let our team of ASE certified technicians look it over.

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